Track information by Supercozi ( compiler)

V.A / Notorious Biscuits   Compiled by Supercozi      HECD003

 1. Wata  / What Color ?

 Wata is a rising new talent from Tokyo. Compiler Supercozi is especially proud to introduce his fresh , totally hybrid and powerful composition to the scene .The album begins it's story with this deep, tribal, cutting edge tech-house tune that absolutely pushes the musical boundaries with avant-garde spirit and the madness of the improvisation-jazz. 

 2. Supercozi & Electronic Pirates feat. Donni1 / I'm Mad Enough  
 Supercozi tag teamed with Electronic Pirates from Ibiza as a first time and as a result is this juicy, sexy and dirty acid electro house tune. Featuring Donni1's deep and seductive whispering voice , repeating " I'm mad enough ". Building up to the naughty enough moment .          

 3. Electronic Pirates  / Shortcut (Minimal Mix)

 Ibiza's Groove alchemist Serge Souque's collaboration with Alfredo Fiorito delivers us a chunky, tribal ,sophisticated yet thrilling progressive house tune. Hypnotic groove and carefully crafted production takes us all to the sun rise ecstasy .

 4. Gus Till  / Burn Your Shoes

 Digital wizard Gus Till show us the new chapter of his production with this powerful and deep progressive tune. Fat driving bass line and constantly morphing synth sounds creates a perfect example of the golden theory-   insanity and intelligence are the must essence for a great dance tune.

 5. DJ Lik & U-Nik / The Fairytales

 Athens based duo DJ Lik & U-Nik deliver us a dreamy yet groovy,  progressive morning tune. " This is a journey " voice sample and melodic synth phrase and twisted textures tells us a story of unknown fairytales and make us imagine some mysterious land scape that we see in our dreams...
 6. Brent Burns / One

 The album changes a gear into the electro mode with South african new comer Brent Burns 's crispy track. Funky electric bass lines,  rhythmic & distorted synth riffs instantly makes your body move. Definitely a fun track.

 7. Wata  /   Music Is Music

 Once again Wata brings us a genre-bending , avant-gardy brilliant tech house track with his one of a kind style. There are strong elements of the improvisation jazz and industrial textures on the simple bass line , and he mixed those well in a very unique way,  carefully building up the story . As a result, he successfully creates an incredibly up-lifting atmosphere.

 8. Sexy Pie  /  Sexy Pie

 This is a first release of Canada-Bali based fresh duo Sexy Pie . Their  blend of cheeky wow wow guitar and acid bass lines and Bethany's naughty vocal on a simple production is kinda minimal disco electro with a sexy twist. Let the beats arrive In a sparkly cape of eros and glamour ...

 9. G.B Catalyzer  / From The Dawn

 A progressive - tech house track from Supercozi's alter ego G.B Catalyzer. Trippy brass samples and psychedelic textures, spacy piano riffs warp the listener's mind into the unpredictable zone.

 10. Ree.K / Catwalking

 Tokyo based long standing, well known Techno female DJ / Producer Ree.K is closing the album with her dirty, dark, tricky acid track that you can hardly categorize . Powerful blend of the break beat, acid techno and electro, you would feel as if you are virtually experiencing the most twisted, deepest underground chaos in Tokyo.