Title : D.I.V.E  ( Digital Single )

Artist : Supercozi
Genre : Chill Out
Release Year : 2013 April 25th
Cat# : HEEP01

Supercozi delivers her first chill out EP for 2013.

Title track  'D.I.V.E' is leftfield smoky down-tempo with a hint of Dubstep and Glitch-Hop. She produced this track under the deep influence of the images and experience of the Total Eclipse of the Sun, while attending the Eclipse Festival 2012 in Australia. Featured vocalist is MC Reason ( a.k.a Andreas One/ U.S.A ), a collaborator with her on 2 tracks from her last album 'Fruits From the Future', adding raga roots flavor to the track.

Coupling track 'Prometheus' is glitchy broken beats with ambient synth-layers and a lyrical and psychedelic texture, featuring her vocoder vocals. She produced the tune after she was Inspired by the same title science fiction film by Ridley Scott.

Written & Produced by Supercozi

Vocal by MC. Reason ( a.k.a Andreas Smith )

Final mixed by Gus Till

Mastered by Ian Ion

Artwork By Andrew Till

All rights reserved

You can watch a video clip of 'D.I.V.E' ( Shorten version ) featuring many images she's taken at various festivals around the world.

Buy this track:

Bandcamp : http://supercozi.bandcamp.com/album/d-i-v-e

Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/d-i-v-e/1066551

iTunes Store : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/d.i.v.e-single/id625083149

Techno.to : http://techno.to/item.php?id=D-HEEP01

Juno Download : http://www.junodownload.com/products/supercozi-dive/2182496-02/



Supercozi Dive
notorious buscuits

notorious buscuits

Title : Fruits From The Future
Artist : Supercozi
Genre : Techno , Electro house , Progressive , Dub, Down beat
Release year : 2010 August
cat# : HECD005

Hypo=espresso proudly delivers its second full album from Japanese producer Supercozi !! A juicy blend of techno ,electro house and dub & electronica   - deep rich soundscapes with full fat bass, spaced out synth layers and plenty of psychedelic twists. This time featuring special guest vocalists  - San Fran based MC Reason and  trance diva Michele Adamson, Reason adding roots flavor with his raga influenced vocals on track 5 & 8 and Michelle in voodoo jazz mode on track 7 under her chill out avatar: Minima Sheen .
Another collaboration with Supercozi's inspiration of many years,  Miquette Giraudy (System7), creates a deep, spacy techno tune " Trigger Happy Morons " .

As always, she once again freely crosses genres without getting too messy . The album maintains a core spine of deep grooves and strong melodies with a  truly alternative spirit throughout .

On top of 9 original tracks, the album also features 3 Remixes: Tokyo based Canadian producer Rennie Foster transforms " A Ride " into a crazy jet coaster electro ride . Long time veteran / techno maestro Ian Ion ( Saiko-Pod / Kox Box ) pumps the album to the next level with " Fruits From The Future " - a mega fat progressive sound . New Zealand based dub unit Pitch Black's Micheal Hodgson selected " Do You know Where Your Going " for his remix and result is a mysterious , deep drone ambient tune that signs off the album .

" Fruits From The Future "- an album that embodies the crispy essence of all kinds of electronica in 2010 with strong and unforgettable songs .

All 9  tracks are produced at her studio " Super Cocoon " in Bali , with final mix by Gus Till and mastering by Ian Ion .

World distribution by Arabesque Distribution http://www.arabesque.co.uk   tel : +41-(0)20-8992-7732

Album catalogue at http://tinyurl.com/2vofwln  

You can buy Album at many net whop such as :
Techno.to   http://www.techno.to/item.php?id=HECD005&lang=e

01: Snakeshed
02: A Ride
03: Trigger Happy Morons feat. Miquette Giraudy
04: Fruits From The Future
05: Do You Know Where Your Going feat. Reason
06: Bad Butterfly
07: Aksara feat. Minima Sheen
08: Under The Blaze Sun feat. Reason
09: A Ride ( Rennie Foster's Dirty Works Remix)
10: Fruits From The Future ( Ian Ion Remix )
11: Do You Know Where Your Going - Borrowed Time ( Misled Convoy Remix )



notorious buscuits
notorious buscuits

Title: Dari Bali 2 ~ Chillpresso ~
Artist : V.A
Genre : freestyle / nu-jazz / asian chill / downtempo
Release year : 2010
cat# : HECD004

Following the success of the  'Chillpresso 1 ~ Dari Bali ~ ' , Hypo=espresso Records delivers the second title of it's popular 'Chillpresso' series !!

11 brand new chill-out tracks from the Hypo producers , featuring guest vocalists such as Bali's very own Gusti Santika and Marlyn, dutch house diva Lex Empress (also featured on the Chillpresso 1 opening track " Waltz On The Dusk Sand ") , Ibiza-based trance diva Michele Adamson, hailing from San Fran, new- comer MC Reason and also Bali based Japanese jazz saxophonist Chika Asamoto and a host of local talent .

The album's journey starts with Zen Lemonade's " Dream Of Satpam " , featuring guest vocal Gusti Santika's traditional Balinese singing style. Gusti is a professional temple/ceremony singer and songwriter who also doubles working as a Satpam ( night guard) bringing us a unique " Balinese Blues " which gently shimmers over Gus and Cozi's modern music production .

Compiler Supercozi produced 3 tracks for the compi . feature her signature electronic hybrid of jazz , trip-hop  and layered synth sounds ..also mixed up  with MC Reason's raga influenced vocals, sitars and acoustic guitars.

Maestro Gus Till also delivers 2 of his signature chill out tracks - Chunky psy-funk grooves and gamelan flavored ambient layered with Asamoto's floating sax impressions.

New unit Paam9 adds 2 fine  lounge-style grooves featuring local jazz queen Marlyn, There's also a full-on asian vibe on several tracks with sitar, gamelan, indonesian flutes and more .

Exotic atmospheres stretch to the other side of the globe with the Zen Lemonade's track 9-  celtic-vibe drenched 'Tree Of Souls' featuring the psychedelic diva Michele Adamson .

The album maintains it's seamless flow throughout  and sports a luxurious cover featuring special printing technics such as polly / silver layer and UV spot and also includes a gorgeous 12 page booklet with plenty of beautiful Bali pictures!

 " Dari Bali 2 ~ Chillpresso ~ " will be in stores world wide in early July !!!

1. Dream of Satpam / Zen Lemonade feat.Gusti Santika
2. Sky Passage / Paam9
3. Sang The Palm ( Wave Mix ) / Supercozi feat.Reason
4 . Birds Are Dancing / Zen Lemonade
5. Karma Voyage / Supercozi feat. Lex Empress
6. Bluelines / Gus Till
7. Don't Let Your Love be Wallpaper / Paam 9
8. Wine & Sofa / Supercozi
9. Tree Of Souls / Zen Lemonade feat. Michele Adamson
10. Zoomacca ( Lemongrass Mix ) / Supercozi
11. Light Rain / Gus Till feat. Chika Asamoto

Final Mix & mastered by Tim Valkenburg @ Vault / Bali

Distribute by :

Arabesque ( World ) / you can order at  http://tinyurl.com/2wk4ec4     www.arabesquedistribution.com  + 44 (0) 20 -8992-7732
Wakyo ( Japan only )  / www.wakyo.jp    +81- (0) 422-49-900



dari bali 2
notorious buscuits
Dari Bali 2
notorious buscuits

Title: Notorious Biscuits
Artist : V.A
Genre : Tech house, Progressive, Electro
Release year : 2009 April
cat# : HECD003

Hypo=espresso Records proudly delivers it’s first dance compilation !! 10 crispy , unreleased tracks that pushing the boundaries and crossing over the genres between Progressive, Tech house, and Electro . All tracks are newly produced from all over the world , including 4 fresh , young new producers from Japan , Greece, South Africa and Canada . Also you can find well established names such as Electronic Pirates ( a.k.a Serge Souque / Total eclipse , Antidote ) , Gus Till and 2 Japanese female techno producers Ree.K and Supercozi , also Supercozi’s new solo project G.B Catalyzer . This album is designed for not only dance floor but also for home listening , you can dive into the fresh ideas on the powerful beats and the diverse sound scapes that trip your mind out to the space

 1. Wata  / What Color ?
 2. Supercozi & Electronic Pirates feat. Donni1 / I'm Mad Enough
 3. Electronic Pirates  / Shortcut (Minimal Mix)
 4. Gus Till  / Burn Your Shoes
 5. DJ Lik & U-Nik / The Fairytales
 6. Brent Burns / One
 7. Wata  /   Music Is Music  
 8. Sexy Pie  /  Sexy Pie
 9. G.B Catalyzer  / From The Dawn
 10. Ree.K / Catwalking

click here for detailed Track informations


Mastering by Tim Valkenburg @ All-Asia Audio / Bali
World distribution by Arabesque +44-(0)20-8993-5966 , www.arabesque.co.uk



notorious buscuits
notorious buscuits
notorious buscuits
notorious buscuits
notorious buscuits

Title : Chillpresso1 ~ dari bali ~
Artist : V.A
Genre : Chill out / Freestyle / Alternative dowm tempo
Release Year : 2007 April-May
cat# : HECD002

Compiled by label founder Supercozi, " Chillpresso1- dari bali " is hypo's 2nd release.  "  dari bali " meaning ' from Bali' in Indonesian, this stunning lounge compilation oozes tropical atmospheres, sun-dripping vibes and organic grooves from its 10  high-quality original tracks. The multi-colored flavors of Exotica/ Jazz / Ethnic / Funk / Drumn Bass / Downbeat and Dub, even a Waltz  thrown into the stew. And all cooked up by a cast of artists and collaborators from all walks of the musical world, pioneering artists like System 7, Youth and Ian Ion, vocals from UK dub MC Brother Culture, dutch singer Lex Empress and Supercozi. Also plenty of real instrumens such as Violins, flutes, gamelans, funkin bass, jamaican toasters, trumpets and the sounds of local Balinese celebrations all served up white hot and chill.
This album, much of it created in Bali and done so with visitors from all over the world as well as local talent, has become a very personal 'soundtrack to Hypo crew's island life'

1. Supercozi  ~ featuring Lex Empress / Waltz On The Dusk Sand
2. System7 vs Zen Lemonade /  Chill Dome Refugees 
3. Blue Planet Corporation /  Hardcore Buddhist
4. Zen Lemonade /    Sun Chaser  
5. Zen Lemonade vs Jules Evans featuring Rio Sidik / Catalyzer 
6. Brother Culture / Got To Get Ready
7. Gus Till  / Red Sun Dub
8. Supercozi /  Lady Mint Tea
9. Ionizer /  I Need Sunshine ( Gus Till remix)  
10. Jong /  Aurora 

Music Review by David Dobson (DJ David Hikari)

dj dave hikari http://www.hikari.com

Supercozi, chillpresso1 cover

Supercozi, chillpresso1 cover

Distribution by :

Arabesque ( E.U, North & South America )
+44-(0)20-8993-5966  www.arabesque.co.uk

Wakyo (Japan)
+81-(0)422-49-9008  www.wakyo.jp

Title : Luxury Addict
Genre : Electro / Dub / Dowm Tempo
Release Year : 2005 July-August
cat# : HECD001

Luxury Addict is the first release from Hypo=espresso Records, also the first full length album for Super Cozi. Twisted lounge techno / electro house / dub & down tempo with Trippy mondo atmosphere. All produced by Cozi except track 5 which  is remixed by Gus Till. A spoonful of retro flavor and plenty of psychedelic spice & japanese kitschness,  Cozi serves you an alternative yet groovy, freestyle album that has created cult lovers all over the world. 

1.   Tokyo Exotica  
2.   In My Handbag   
3.   Luxury Addict 
4.   Amber Cats    
5.   Bonnie & Clyde 2005 ( Gus Till Remix)
6.   Vanilla        
7.   Junk Boots  
8.   Lost In Seminyak     
9.   Blue Flamingo      
10. Bamboobient        

You can have a listen & buy this album or individual songs at :

Musicdock Germany

Also avairable on  i-tunes store

CD REVIEW By Shangri-la-la Magazine / UK



Supercozi, luxery addict cover

Supercozi, luxery addict cover




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