Luxury Addict

CD REVIEW By Shangri-la-la Magazine / UK

This new release from sSuper Cozi is really wicked. An excellent and unique sound.

The album starts off with Toky Exotica, Down tempo and layed back with excellent Jazzy Orchestral influences and drum breaks. This tune has a some what etherial feel to it with haunting Orchestral over lays and instruments of an Oriental flavour.

Track 2 'In My Handbag' is completely different! Trancey but it has a sort of eighties electro pop feel. Cozi provides superb vocals and lyrics in this tune, sounding both sexy and serious, but also i find her accent makes her pronouniation of these lyrics quite unique. There is i feel an element of Punk in there too, and as that's where she's came from it makes sence.
Nice funky dancey tune.

Track 3 'Luxury Addict' again has a similar feel to track 2 only it's a bit faster.
Again really clever use of words. "I'm a luxury addict. Now it's time for my fix!"
Hmm sounds like she's spends much money at the shopping mall!
I did actually dance round my office quite a lot to this one.

Track 4 'Amber Cats'. Slightly more down tempo and ambient. Sounds very industrial but it's quite mellow at the same time.

Track 5 'Bonnie & Clyde'. I love this track and was singing it to myself on my way to work.
I really like the way Cozi has used her voice in this track.
A clever combination of sexy, semi-whispers and Vocoders has made this song very pleasent on this ears.
The bassline is chunky and consistant, and there is clever use of samples, both vocal and mechanical.
The sond is quite progressive and it wouldn't surprise me to hear it on XTC Radio.

Track 6 'Vanila' is very much a down tempo chillout room track. It's dark and moody and envokes visuals in the mind.

The trumpet and choir arrangements are very good giving it an almost 'Cinematic Orchestra' or 'Amon Tobin' feel to it. It's very short but that is the point. It's an interlude to the next track.

Track 7 'Junk Boots' nice flowing rythms and bass cords. Steady and not too fast. It's dancey alright, but it's not main room. I would like to hear some remixes of this song. Progressive House or trance remixes as it seems to lend itself to those genres. Junk Boots' Fairies wearing junk boots, Kick you up the Doof Doof, Doggies got my Junk Boots, Gonna lift the Roof Roof, if it wasn't for the lyrics in the album cover i don't think i would have worked out what she is saying through the vocoder, but it's a really good track.

Track 8 'Lost in Seminyak' is very much a Psy-Chillout on the Beach or at The Green Spirit Festival, with a cocktail in one hand and a big reefer in the other. Chillin. This bit is short like the song.

Track 9 'Blue Flamingo' is again down tempo and chilled but not ambient. It's slow mellow breaks combined with big heavy basslines, a dubby, breaky, ambienty kind of sound scape with nice harmonies and melodies. This track feels like it's actually telling a story that takes you somewhere. The flutes and other wind instruments make this track quite an uplifting, spiritual experience, envoking feelings of calm and enlightenment. Sometimes there are songs that just seem to touch a part of you that others don't.

Track 10 'Bamboobient' is what the name says it is. Oriental/Ethnic/World/Ambient.
Tropical influences can be felt throughout this album and it's a pleasure to listen to.
Highly recommended.