Chillpresso 1 ~ dari bali ~

Music Review by David Dobson (DJ David Hikari)

01.Waltz On The Dusk Sand / Supercozi   ~ featuring lex empress
The album opens with a soothing cinematic 8/6 waltz by Supercozi, featuring Dutch vocalist Lex Empress and Irish violinist Sally Jo from Saharadja (the well known Bali based world music band). The lyrics reflect the personal metamorphosis Cozi experienced through the birth of her first child. Lex's tender voice and Gus Till’s fine production lull us into a sense of warm reassuring harmony, opening us up to the welcome treats that follow. Ennio Morricone would be proud.

02.Chill Dome Refugees /  System 7 vs Zen Lemonade
There is no need for introduction of respected electronic music pioneers and innovators System 7. This collaboration between System7 and Zen Lemonade captures the magical multi dimensional influences of Bali upon the work and lives of all four of these talented artists. It was in Bali, many years ago, where the idea for System 7 was originally conceived. Today, the island is home to Zen Lemonade and Hypo Studio. In November of 2005, while System 7 were visiting Hypo Studio, the seeds for this mix were planted. The resulting track is based on Gus’ reworking of a gamelan loop taken from the track “Sinom X Files”, from System 7’s album “Golden Section”. Zen Lemonade’s Zen dub bass line provides a respectfully sensitive and spacious counter balance and anchor to Steve’s trademark ethereal guitar and Miquette's synths. Supercozi has provided additional arrangement and support. The final result is a superbly produced synergy of all elements and artists.

03. Hardcore Buddhist / Blue Planet Corporation
The album changes gear and gains momentum with the following vibrant jazzadelic sample laden track from Blue Planet Corporation (Paris based Gabriel Masurel). The frenzied Rhodes organ, chased by an ecstatic flute and Gabriel’s live drumming, create a driven dynamic racy feel that builds a very live and fluid atmosphere of excitement and mystery.

04. Sun Chaser  / Zen Lemonade
Things level out and enter cruise mode with the following groove from Zen Lemonade. We’re served up a crisp combination of a progressive house morning feel, coupled with spacey synths and the trip hop funkiness of mad cut up samples. Check out the excellent live bass by Campbell Hapi – it really carries the track.

05. Catalyzer / Zen Lemonade vs Jules Evans featuring Rio Sidik
Jules Evans has released numerous tracks as a member and producer of Western Rebel Alliance, Underwolves, and Muki. This collaboration between him and Zen Lemonade treats us to a chilled atmospheric late night jazz feel, lightened with a drum and bass rhythm and accompanied by Rio Sidik’s solo trumpet and Supercozi’s silky smooth vocals.

06. Got To Get Ready / Brother Culture   
“How to get ready for true loving?” This laid back yet extremely funked up number sets you well on your way to finding out. Featuring inspirational lyrics from Rasta/dub MC Brother Culture, aka Kulcha B, who has worked and released with the likes of Dubhead, Roots Garden, and Youth since the 90’s. Throw Dub Judah’s bass, guitar by Funky Gong and Tim Valkenburg, plus the production talents of Youth and Gus Till into the mix and you come up with a very pleasant surprise. Brother Culture’s forthcoming album will release from Liquid Sound Design later this year.

07. Red Sun Dub / Gus Till
If it’s fat bass you’re into, then look no further than this number from Gus Till. With it’s well rounded driven subterranean bass line that has a serious attitude to boot, this track marks the peak point of the album in terms of flow. Some fancy free styling keyboard work and light percussion provide a superb balance of space, structure, freedom, funkiness and groove. Great production once again from Gus.

08. Lady Mint Tea / Supercozi
Supercozi now takes us on an excursion to an exotic Latin Moroccan lounge where we are wooed by the sensual voice of Sophie Digby. Smooth final mix by Gus Till.

09. I Need Sunshine / Ionizer (Gus Till Remix) 
Ionizer is Copenhagen based Danish producer Ian Ion, well known for his work as a member of psychedelic trance pioneers Koxbox and Saiko-Pod . This track reflects a marked shift in direction from his earlier work. From simple beginnings, the track slowly unwinds yet subtly builds as it goes. Early influences for both Gus and Ian are evident: the “give me sunshine” vocoded voice, a chic chilled nod to Kraftwerk perhaps, plus hints of Herbie Hancock in the floating piano rifts. This all comes together to create a sophisticated harmony of lush fullness that can’t help but leave the listener with a sense of contented satisfaction.  Well produced music.

10. Aurora / Jong
Jong ( a.k.a Jonathan Garnier ) is a fresh new producer from Paris. He had been working as a graphic designer and sound designer for film, which helps explain why he has already established his own sense of deep acoustic soundscapes in his music. This ten minute long Asian chill track with gentle accompanying Indian vocal, flute and percussion creates a warm peaceful and positive ambience. What better way to bring this excellent compilation to a close. Jong’s debut album will be released on Youth's Liquid Sound Design label later this year.