Super Cozi

Hailed from Tokyo/ Japan. Supercozi is a founder of Hypo=Espresso Records and also one of the main producers who generates all the ideas also creates the hypo sounds .
She used to play in a punk band as a vocalist/rhythm guitarist with 3 other boys in TOKYO  between 1985-1993--- one of the most notorious cyber toy towns in Asia that's oddly floating on the multiculturemessy miso soup ---- After spent 8 years touring all over japan and everyday rehearsing , released 3 albums (Japan only) , She had enough and tolay got sick of it, So she quit the band and soon after this she started making music on computer . After released an album which was influenced by  acid jazz/break beats/trip hop , around 1997, her music started showing a stronger techno influence with a psychedelic twist. Also in the same period she started DJ-ing.
She had released 1 experimental elektronica album" SuperCozy" from denish label " tender productions" in 2000 and she had live tour( with Computer and mini metaric pink guiter that contain a internal amp and speaker) in Scandinavia and Austlaria and recieved great reaction.
Also same year, she moved her base from Tokyo to UK and started her another project, psy-trance / progreesive/ dowm tempo unit" Zen Lemonade" with her husband / producer Gus Till whom she met in Australia in the end of 1999 . They had released 1st album "Lemon Soul" in 2001 from Uk,s legendaly trance label" Dragon Fly record", Since then they had joined to the many dance/ chill compilations world widely.

As a solo artist, also she had joined to the diffirent label,s dance/chill out/electronika compilations  under the name "cozi", " Cocopa "" G.B Catalyzer" including leading japanese DJ tsuyoshi’s Mad Skippers Records.She had been Djing/live touring as a a solo artist/Zen lemonade in countless outdoor festivals, parties, club venues  through out E,U, Mexico, USA, , Australia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia .

Since 2002,  she has set up her base in " Island of gods " Bali and enjoying the tropical nature and never ending dripping sun , also Bali's unique and mystic  culture .
Those endless inspiration from Bali had guide her to decide to start her own record label Hypo=Espresso Records . And first release which her solo album " Luxury Addicts " was released in 2005 august.

Her DJ style is superbly genre-bending . Whichever dance or chill , she will cook those sounds with very own style . Her dance set is dirty and solidy yet juicy, mix of Acid Techno, Electro, Progressive House and Break Beats, even drum'n Bass will be thrown into the beat miso soup. Chill set will take you to the dazzling timewarp voyage...  anything from Led Zeppelin to Harbie Hankock, and the all between will be mixed with all kind of electronic music.



supercozi 2007

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Gus Till

has been active as a musician/ producer and DJ since the Punk days of the 70's in Melbourne Australia. He was the keyboard player for many pop groups (inc. Beargarden and the Models), was part of Michael Hutchences 'Max Q' project which was a big success in Australia in the late 80's. He also formed the seminal 'Third Eye' with Ollie Olsen. During this period he also worked in advertising and produced the theme music for several TV shows.

Towards the end of the 80's he recorded a project with Bono and Edge (from U2) and Todd Terry, the famous House producer. At this stage Gus shifted to New York for a year, then Paris for 3 years before moving to London where he remained until shifting to Bali with his family 2 years ago. During the last 10 years he has also worked with African Jazz/Soul legend Manu Dibango, Nina Hagen, Jamiroquai and worked with producer 'Youth' (for who he was his in-house engineer at Butterfly studios) amongst others.

In London , Gus worked for many of the top trance labels and became a part of 'Slinky Wizard', releasing over 60 tracks under his own name, as BUS, Slinky Wizard and as 'Zen Lemonade' with his wife Cozi ( DJ Supercozi). He has travelled extensively as a DJ, performing to thousands at festivals in Greece, Japan, Mexico, Chile , Portugal, Sth Africa ( NYE 98 ) Germany, Sweden, France, UK, Israel, USA , Zambia (for the eclipse of the sun party), Morrocco (NYE 2001), Australia ( Millenium ), and headlining the 2002 Thailand NYE party. This is apart from regular club appearances in most of the above places, also including Croatia, Bolivia, Peru, Italy, Finland,etc.

His release since 2002 are, ambient/freestyle album " Electric Oceans", a retrospective of downbeat material "Dub Shadows ", BUS's long awating first album " morebusinesslinkyouthere" , also many compilations. also many more will come.

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gus till

Zen Lemonade

is Psy-trance/ Progressive / Tech-House  / Down tempo unit of Gus Till & Supercozi . They met in 1999 and immediately started to making music together. They had released 1st album "Lemon soul" from UK,s legendary trance label Dragon Fly Record ( in 2002 and received critic’s acclaim. Their first 12" "Pussy Galore" was selected by DJ John "00" Fleming as one of the " Best Single" in 2002. Their dance music's style is truly alternative and juicy fusion of techno beats and the all kind of music ( including break beats, drumn bass, trip hop, latin, jazz, funk ) in their very own spectacular way. Also Their down tempo is well known for it's organic yet thrilling groove , abstract yet visualistic sounds capes. They had been join to the many dance/ chill out compilations world widely. They had performed as a DJ / live P.A in the countless festivals, parties, club venue, etc through out Europe, Mexico, USA, Australia ,Japan, Thailand, Indonesia.


  zen lemonade

System 7

There is no need for introduction of respected electronic music pioneers and innovators System 7:- Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy . The duo's musical collaboration started in 70's when they played in the psychedelic rock band Gong. After Hillage released masterpiece ambient albums in 80's, System 7 was formed in 1991 as their dancefloor project.
 Their style hovers between trance, techno and progressive house -with unique spacey character that is deeply psychedelic without being typical psy-trance- and added element of Steve's highly specialised techno guitar. System 7's music also has a distinctive ambient element, which they've recently developed into a separate downtempo project called Mirror System.For more information :



Wata is a new producer from Japan whom Hypo=espresso Records especially proud to introduce to the world electronic scene . Wata Igarashi, a multi-talented composer, guitarist, DJ and recording artist, spent his childhood absorbing the cultural eclecticism of Tokyo, London, and Madrid. At fifteen, he began his music career in Madrid as a punk-guitarist for a “Skate-Rock” band called F.O.D., frequently playing at skate championships and live-houses and getting featured in Spanish Skate magazines.

After his return to Tokyo in 1992, he shifted his musical focus to less convention-following free-improvisation and jazz, and formed an experimental instrumental band called Indigo Cage Airlines, with whom he has been performing in and around Tokyo for 15 years. Recently, he has been directing his diverse musical energies toward the dance floor.  Of late, he’s also been producing some distinctive, groovy tech-house tracks.
The music he produces is made up of a myriad of elements from his diverse musical background.  He seamlessly runs the genre gamut, merging andre-shaping earlier influences of punk with more sophisticated free-form jazz and sharpening his chops on more cutting-edge, deep techno groove and electronic beats.



In terms of artistry, this lady knows no borders and is, in a positive sense un-categorizable. When DJ'ing or composing she treads her own terrain. She is a queen of her own un-touched planet styled from eclectic musical elements that she instinctively feels she can fuse into her own super-dimension. An astoundingly beautiful electronic patchwork quilt of sound is Ree.K. Chronologically, her resume reads... music career begins in '84, active as a DJ from '92, her original party organization [Space Gathering] was set up in '97 and an electronic music band [Kinocosmo] formed in '98. She released her own DJ mix CD [Cubism] in 2001 and started her own label in 2002 called [Hypnodisk], and released second/third mix CD [Alpha] [Omega] in 2006. Ree.K will never stop pushing herself further and deeper into the many dimensions of music.

  Ree k

Electronic Pirates

Serge Souque, born in France in 1970, living in Ibiza, Spain. He started his Dj carreer in 1990, Producer since 1992, His musical voyage expand from Trance legend " Total Eclipse ","Antidote " to Down Tempo, Drum & Bass Chill Out .Today he's exploring Electro House Music. Electronic Pirates is Serge, new Project involving guest Djs and Producers .

  e pirates

DJ Lik & U-Nik

DJ:LiK & U-Nik is Athens based Labros Kamenidis & Nikos Mavris . They are together for more than 10 years now .They met at music technology school where there interest in music approach brought them together very soon and from that time they started building their studio and experimenting on all sounds of electronica , from Progressive Trance and Chillout to Tribal Tech and freestyle , from Electro to Minimal Techno . They have released in the past with the name Figment, Insense , also release few EP in 2008 . Their style is smooth yet groovy minimal tech-house.

  D lik $ un R

Brent Burns

Brent Burns is a Dutch born South African. started producing in 2001 and together with 14 years djing experience its evident in the quality of his productions. From high-profile original productions, club cds , chillout cds an invite to The Miami Winter Music conference 2003 where he signed a record deal with Lowered Recordings UK. This then led to a signing with Dharma Records 2004 and working closely with local radio stations. Now being based in Bali and working together with Hypo=espresso Records.

  brent burns

Sexy Pie

First twinkled in Tokyo Japan, then beamed in Bali Indonesia, only to vivaciously vibrate Vancouver Canada - It is now spinning like a shiny disco-ball with a world-wide vengeance of sexy. SexyPie was basted with Lex’s bass beat and production and caramelized with B-squared’s lyrics and vocal styling. Alex Joy - Originating in Victoria British Columbia Canada, Alex Joy (aka Dj Axel Jonson) has been making moves and music across the globe for 10 years. B-squared is fluent in many instruments and genres from strings (violin, viola, cello, guitar, etc) to synthesizers, and from sonatas to shock rock. A professional performer since the age of nine she continues to expand her horizons as a devoted global citizen.

  sexy pie

G.B Catalyzer

G.B Catalyzer ( Global Beat Catalyzer) is a new dance floor focused solo project of Supercozi. It’s the platform to express more harder & deeper side of her. Her mush up grooves goes across the genres between Tech-house , Progressive , Electro, and Trance .

  GB catalyzer


Ionizer is welknown danish producer Ian Ion aka Saiko-pod, Koxbox, Overlords, ConAmore , etc. When Ian Ion could celebrate his twenty years anniversary as a recording artist in 2005, it was also a celebration of two decades of electronic music in many forms. As a founding member of some of the most noted Danish electronic bands (Russia Heat, The Overlords, Koxbox, Sri Hari and Saiko-pod) Ian has not only kept an innovative spirit alive but also enjoyed tremendous success doing so. Being a curios and prolific person, Ian has worked in many areas of the music industry including producing, composing, DJing, engineering, mastering, teaching, consulting work, visuals, promotion etc.. As one of Scandinavia's most skilled programmers, Ian have provided dance floor audiences with fuel for many a good nights and have worked with many different and amazing artists including; Blue Pearl, Billy Idol, Traci Lords, Sven Väth, Miro and Dr. Baker. Some of these collaborations have brought Ian gold disks and chart positions all over the World...  Behind the scenes, Ian has worked/produced for Sony Playstation, Roskilde Festival, Bang & Olufsen, Denmark’s Radio, TC Electronic, The Danish Music Academy and others, as well as he during the last ten years, have been touring extensively around the World.......


Blue Planet Corporation

In the mid 80's, Gabriel Masurel was a drummer in various bands of alternative/indie pop/rock music. Fan of electronic sounds, he got his first synthesizers as the techno acid-house movement was arriving in France and he started producing synthetic music. Gabriel Masurel and Christophe Lebras, under the name "Blue Planet Corporation", produced with help of Sébastien Masurel the first 12' Overbloody Flood EP in 1993. During the year 1994 there were two other EP released on the label "UFK" : Second EP and Vol.3 EP which provided a solid reputation on the international trance scene. In 1995, after several releases for the french label "POF", they were invited by the English label "Flying Rhino" to produce an LP. Gabriel Masurel wrote most the album, with some colaborations on several tracks. The Blue Planet LP was released in 1999. Gabriel Masurel spent two years on live acts and dj performances in the USA, Japan and Europe. Another vynil EP was released in 2002: Digital Forward EP. It was the last discographic production of Blue Planet Corporation for "Flying Rhino". Recently Blue Planet Corporation produced several tracks and remixes for french and foreigner labels, with two remixes for the French pop star Mylène Farmer. His passion for musique leads Gabriel Masurel to work now on many projects and towards various musical orientations with pop/rock and electronic musicians.

  blue planet cooperation


Jong (aka Jonathan Garnier) is a young composer from Paris.
He worked primarily as a graphic designer for a few years specializing in symbolism and photography. Eventually his passion for electronic music compostion lead to his full devotion to sound.
After few years of djing and the creation of several soundtracks for various companies, he is now searching for a unique musical universe, an acoustic and electronic combinaison focused on deep and peacefull emotions.  He enjoys trying an array of orchestrations while staying true to his own impressions and personal touch.  Influenced by all kind of styles, he's currently working on different projects such as downbeat music, electronic jazz and hip hop.




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